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Roslyn rosgross at
Tue Feb 15 19:35:23 EST 2005

> Ros:
>> Seriously, what about the British settlement of Australia? The Eureka
>> Stockade? The sacking of Whitlam? Hey, do you think that when Whitlam 
>> made
>> his "Kerr's cur" speech our world was split into two? :-) And if it did, 
>> I
>> wonder if that caused the whole universe to split?  I'm wondering if
> that's
>> what we're to understand by the world-splitting concept--that when the 
>> Guy
>> Fawkes event happened, a whole new universe was created? So when 
>> something
>> pivotal happens in one part of the world that's world-generating, it 
>> drags
>> the rest of the world with it?
> I think if only part of the world split that would cause more problems 
> than
> it would solve, but it might be worth exploring the idea further!
> I'm afraid when I first read 'the sacking of Whitlam' my first thought 
> was,
> 'Where is Whitlam, and which army sacked it?' - which says more about me
> than the global significance of Australian history, I'm sure. But we 
> mustn't
> forget that there are doubtless other worlds where Australia has been the
> scene of indisputably world-shaping events, and indeed the centre of 
> global
> empires - and another way (than the linguistic) of defining the Related
> Worlds is in terms of the dominance of European cultures.
> Charlie

The idea of Australia being the scene of world-shaping events makes me fall 
over laughing, so I was being partly ironic!


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