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Tue Feb 15 16:17:53 EST 2005

Charlie said...

> Or, then again, what if Hannibal had defeated Rome - that seems to have
> been
> a close-run thing too? Perhaps we'd have inherited a Phoenician/Canaanite
> pantheon instead of the Roman/Greek one - and what interesting
> interference
> patterns that would have made with Christianity, should Christianity ever
> have come to pass.

Ooh, yes, there's an interesting speculation.  Assuming that Jesus managed
to get born and go ahead and be and do who and what he was and did, up to
the point of being arrested...  Under a different system, would he have been
arrested?  Would he have been arrested earlier?  Would he have just been 
ignored by the authorites?  And if things did play out as in the Bible, 
would Christianity actually have got started?  Or would it have been 
squashed flat, or ignored, or have fizzled out?  Would it have remained a 
small cult, maybe?  Would "Jesus of Nazareth" now be known only to scholars 
as a minor prophet...or maybe a minor revolutionary?  Would even the history 
that we have have survived, or would there be a totally different story 

Oh, the so many ways you could take an alternate world just from that one 


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