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Charles Butler hannibal at
Tue Feb 15 15:19:07 EST 2005

> Seriously, what about the British settlement of Australia? The Eureka
> Stockade? The sacking of Whitlam? Hey, do you think that when Whitlam made
> his "Kerr's cur" speech our world was split into two? :-) And if it did, I
> wonder if that caused the whole universe to split?  I'm wondering if
> what we're to understand by the world-splitting concept--that when the Guy
> Fawkes event happened, a whole new universe was created? So when something
> pivotal happens in one part of the world that's world-generating, it drags
> the rest of the world with it?

I think if only part of the world split that would cause more problems than
it would solve, but it might be worth exploring the idea further!

I'm afraid when I first read 'the sacking of Whitlam' my first thought was,
'Where is Whitlam, and which army sacked it?' - which says more about me
than the global significance of Australian history, I'm sure. But we mustn't
forget that there are doubtless other worlds where Australia has been the
scene of indisputably world-shaping events, and indeed the centre of global
empires - and another way (than the linguistic) of defining the Related
Worlds is in terms of the dominance of European cultures.


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