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Tue Feb 15 02:06:01 EST 2005

On Tue, 15 Feb 2005, Judith Ridge wrote:

> I'm trying to think of something pivotal enough that happened here
> that would have split a world off! ;-)

Maybe that's the difference - this is the world where nothing pivotal
happened in Australia...  ;)

> However, I will add this, in response to Ros's post: how might we
> account for The Goddess's (Milli's) world? If the epicentre of the
> splits is indeed England/Europe, as it seems to be on existing
> evidence,

I think we ought to draw a distinction between "We've only seen
examples from Europe" and "There only exist examples from Europe",
particularly when the possibility exists that the author is only
giving us examples she thinks we'll recognise.

("This world split off because [person who doesn't exist in our world]
won a battle at [place that doesn't exist in our world]" - not very
helpful as an example, is it?)

> what event might have led to the creation of a world with temples,
> goddesses, sacred cats to me this world always had an Asian feel,
> although perhaps, as my boss remembers, it also has shades of
> Ancient Egypt?

I think mostly of India, because of the snake-charmers and the
four-armed goddess.

It occurs to me that the goddesses and/or gods might themselves be the
event which led to the other differences. Asheth and her pantheon
presumably don't exist outside Series Ten.

> And wasn't there a weird world with mermaids or sirens or something
> that CC visits? Not all of them are recognisable versions of "our"
> western/European world, are they?

One of the things mentioned in LoCC is that the worlds in other series
split off so long ago that even the continents are different shapes:
the world with the mermaids, in Series Five, has no continents at all,
only islands. Most of them probably don't have an England or a Europe.

And, for that matter, Christopher's trips to the Anywheres aren't
bounded by the geographical location of his starting point, so the
places he visits might not be in their world's version of England.
The city Millie came from might actually *be* in the part of that
world that corresponds to Egypt/Arabia/India, and the part that
corresponds to Europe might be more European.

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