alternate englands: when?

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>I have a feeling that Chrestomanci's world is 12A, but whether that's
>the-author-told-me information or whether it's in one of the texts I cannot

and have now run it to earth:

It's in the Author's Preface to the HarperCollins edition of *Conrad's
Fate*, (the action of which takes place in Series Seven).  That preface
also says that "there are in fact thousands of different worlds", which
puts the kybosh on the Chrestomanci set-up being limited in size, because
twelve serieses times nine isn't thousands.  The ones called "Related
Series" (the twelve times nine worlds) are so-called because the same
languages are spoken in all of them, apparently.

So a *real* split, one that took a world out of the related series
altogether, would have to be 'way before the European occupation of
America, when a world never developed English as a result of whatever might
cause that in the way of invasions-or-not, or had no Romans to cause Latin
and influence the European languages, or had a different language in China
for some reason, or something as far back as that historically.  Sorry, but
there it is: America isn't important enough linguistically for it to matter
what the USA did about WWI!  (Boggle.)

Is *Conrad's Fate* actually out yet, or is it still on its way to the
bookshops?  I've lost track, it's been so long with the publisher.


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