alternate englands - belated questions

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Mon Feb 14 13:26:28 EST 2005

>Actually (just had a quick flick through _Witch Week_) Nirupam implies that
>*all* battles would result in two worlds, but there surely aren't enough for
>that. Perhaps it is the ones (like Waterloo) where the result is really
>uncertain and could have been turned by quite small changes.
In the case of Waterloo, it may be the fact that the battle takes place 
at all, in the particular form it took, rather than the outcome that 
causes the split, although the outcome is identified as the splitting 
catalyst. After all, Waterloo the battle is what makes modern warfare 
conceivable; if it hadn't happened, we might not have had a WWI in the 
form that it took.


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