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Mon Feb 14 06:15:30 EST 2005

Jennifer wrote:

>> I'm not sure that Throgmorton actually grows extra limbs, I've always
taken it as being that he was being so fast it *looked* as if he had- which
even a non-Temple cat can do when it wants to!

I've always wondered about that. I had one cat, sadly deceased now, who was
capable of this. I remember one time we took her to the vet and she needed a
vaccination or injection. While the vet gave her the jab, I was firmly
grasping one pair of her legs, my mother was grasping the second pair, the
vet's assistant was grasping the third pair, and yet she managed to have a
spare pair with which she scratched us all. Plus which she could levitate:
we would turn her carrying case upside down and she'd stay inside. The only
way to get her out and onto the examining table was to actually take the
carrying case apart and pry her off the base (whilst wearing protective
gloves). And my grandmother had a cat who couldn't be placed inside a
carrying case to begin with. The guaranteed cat-proof hatch flew open at his
touch, time after time. Asides from being a shorthair tabby, he was very
Throgmortonlike, and even "wong wong"ed. Both cats, by the way, came from
the same mother, which I suppose would make them at least half-siblings,
though not littermates.

But I tend to think Throgmorten actually did grow extra limbs, because so
did Millie when she was being Ashteth.

Cats are always on-topic.

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