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Mon Feb 14 02:37:10 EST 2005

Virginia added to the discussion:

> And of course we don't always know which events are world-generating and
> which not. Janet (I think) gets the result of Agincourt wrong in a lesson,
> but does that have to mean it was a split, or just that things worked out
> differently in her world? Perhaps it does have to be a split, or why would
> there be battles of Agincourt in two or more worlds where history had
> already diverged? That does seem particularly anglocentric. And could the
> results of the battles be the consequence of (eg) a particular person, or
> disease, or spell, happening or not happening, it's just we can't see 
> that's
> why the battle is won (or lost). Don't know if that makes sense at all.

I'm confused about this also. Granted, the fact that something like Guy 
Fawkes is shown to be pivotal in world-generation is anglocentric--DWJ is 
British and European and there's no reason why she shouldn't see these as 
pivotal--but it brings up even more issues. It's understandable that the 
British/European world might be split by an event like this, but meanwhile, 
what was happening in the other side of the world? Did the whole universe 
split and break away because of Guy Fawkes (for example)? Does that mean 
that the whole world, including Britain, branches off when something pivotal 
happens in Asia, Australia, Africa, etc? That is, does 'world' mean the 
whole planet? Could it mean the entire universe? We are talking about 
multi-verses, after all (or maybe not, in  books like_Witch Week_ , _LoCC_ 
and _Charmed Life_.) Is it possible that only Britain (and Europe, perhaps) 
was affected in this way? Do all countries and cultures become part of a 
split that occurs in one part of the world? If not, how does that work?

I don't think I have any answers, but I find the asking of them great 
delicious fun!

> Virginia
> delurking briefly; I've been on the list for ages but never seem to have
> time to contribute, though I love reading all the discussions, and have 
> been
> a DWJ fan since I got _Power of Three_ and _Charmed Life_ through the 
> Puffin
> book club when I was nine.

Hi, Virginia!


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