alternate englands - belated questions

Ven vendersleighc at
Sun Feb 13 22:27:54 EST 2005

Replying to Charlie, Gili wrote 

<Or perhaps the physical and 
metaphysical aspects are
linked, and, like the chicken and the egg, it's 
hard to say which came
first. For instance, if all the people in the 
world decided to hop on one
leg at the precise same instant in time, I'm sure

that would be physically
significant enought to cause a metaphysical 
shift; but then again the
prelude to such an unlikely event would in itself

be a metaphysical shift.
I'm not sure I'm making any sense.>

I don't actually have anything to add, just to
express my admiration to both Charlie and Gili at
this moment. Just picture me gazing skywards
going "Wow, that's awesome."


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