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Sun Feb 13 17:03:38 EST 2005

On Sun, 13 Feb 2005, Virginia Preston wrote:

|Charlie wrote about the possible turning points in history that cause a
|world to split, and how they are chosen:

There's a Zelazny YA called _A Dark Travelling_ which also posits major
events being what splits the universes (actually, as I recall, every
lost horseshoe or stamping butterfly creates a new universe, but
so close to the first as to be indistinguishable, but it's been a long
time, so I might be misremembering).  An interesting thing about the
conclusion is that there can always be more light universes, but never
fewer dark ones, because every time there's a succesful
rebellion/salvation/what-have-you in a dark universe, there's an option
that *it might have failed*.

Which got me thinking, back when I read it -- what about salvation not
through massive rebellion but through slow and ever-improving climb
toward the light?  Would that create a split universe, or not?

|delurking briefly; I've been on the list for ages but never seem to have
|time to contribute, though I love reading all the discussions, and have been
|a DWJ fan since I got _Power of Three_ and _Charmed Life_ through the Puffin
|book club when I was nine.

Hallo, Virginia!

I need to bond with you.  It's part of my therapy.

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