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Sun Feb 13 17:06:58 EST 2005

Paul wrote:
> The battle of Agincourt was in 1415, less than a century after
> Janet's world split from Cat's, and had root causes going back over
> three hundred years. It doesn't seem unlikely on the face of it that
> the battle might have occurred in both worlds. (I'd have been less
> inclined to believe that it ended the same way in both worlds, mind
> you.)

I can't remember what caused Janet's world to split off?

I take your point, though I'd still be inclined to imagine that in a
diverged world Agincourt wouldn't necessarily be so important, or might have
taken place somewhere else. Unless there is something that despite
world-splitting is holding the histories of the related worlds together
(perhaps this goes back to the analogues question).

Actually (just had a quick flick through _Witch Week_) Nirupam implies that
*all* battles would result in two worlds, but there surely aren't enough for
that. Perhaps it is the ones (like Waterloo) where the result is really
uncertain and could have been turned by quite small changes.

> Mm. Except that cats can do magic as well, and dragons and mermaids
> and giant eels maybe (or maybe they just *are* magic).

It's not clear, is it? IIRC, Throgmorten can't undo the sealing spell on
Christopher's room by himself, and presumably Temple cats and mermaids can't
(or don't realise to) do magic that would stop wizards killing them.

> -snip-
> > Virginia
> > delurking briefly; I've been on the list for ages but never seem to
> > have time to contribute, though I love reading all the discussions,
> > and have been a DWJ fan since I got _Power of Three_ and _Charmed
> > Life_ through the Puffin book club when I was nine.
> Hello, Virginia. Have a cup of something choclatish that is not cocoa
> but much nicer, while I try to remember whether we have a standard
> welcoming ceremony.

Thank you!

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