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Perhaps it's the presence of magic itself that is essential to world 

In the absence of magic, once one component of a world-split has lost it, 
(I.e., one part of the split got the magic, the other didn't) it doesn't matter 
what the events do. It's all just politics. Or ecology.

But magic takes an *inordinate* amount of interest in human affairs, and 
something as localized as blowing up a building in one city is quite enough for it 
to generate a variant of that world if it decides to.

However, as to Witch Week, world 12B seems to have resulted from a split in 
which one version got *all* the magic, while the other got none, but yet when 
the botched split was resolved the incomplete world fragment merged into 12B 
despite the fact that the fragment had a *lot* of magic.

Maybe all of 12B's (limited amount of) magic was invested in the split that 
didn't *quite* succeed back in the beginning of the 17th century. 12B doesn't 
have quite enough magic to generate a proper world split. But once the 
incomplete split was resolved, sometime around the early 1980s, the impacted magic was 
released back into 12B's general environment and while there isn't much of 
it, there now is some.
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