alternate englands: when?

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There's also Kim Newman's "Anno Dracula" series. The first one is set 
during the reign of Victoria, the second during the First World War, 
the third in the 1950s (but that one's in Italy).

The premise of these is that Dracula was not defeated by Van Helsing's 
group and went on to become the Prince Consort after the death of 
Albert and then an advisor to the Kaiser. These books are 
Thursday-Next-ish in their conflagration of scores of literary and 
historical figures into the plots of the novels. The first is based 
around the Jack the Ripper killings - which are now being perpetrated 
by . . . . that would be giving it away, now wouldn't it (although you 
know very early on who it is, and if you know "Dracula" you might be 
able to guess).

I'm engrossed in these right now.


On Feb 8, 2005, at 11:28 AM, Belben, Philip ((Energy Wholesale)) wrote:

>> Does anyone know definitive dates for several alternate Englands?
> I've just thought of another one: Warren Peace, which I think was by 
> Bob
> Shaw.  This is an alternate England of the 24th century, that split off
> from ours around 1900 due to a difference in the laws of physics
> compared with our world that made electricity (and some related
> technologies) unreliable.  We are shown a decidedly odd mixture of
> Vicwardian and modern values - Shaw has obviously given some thought to
> how a world might develop differently from our own.
> Philip.
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