julia and roger analogues

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Paul, quoting Allison
> > The discussion of how come julia and roger aren't 9-lived came up
> > recently and I thought the generally accepted conclusion before was
> > that there was more than a lack of analogues to being a 9-lived
> > enchanter. In reference to Cat, we find out that Janet did have a
> > little brother but he died prior to or when he was born or
> > something.  So maybe you need to have all your analogues die at
> > birth rather than just not exist. Clearly just dying is not enough
> > otherwise the last analogue alive would end up with 9 lives at some
> > point (unless they all die simultaneously, which might suggest too
> > much similarity between worlds).
> Yes. I think the trick is that the analogues have to
> (a) exist, so that their lives are created; and
> (b) die very early, before they've actually had a chance to use their
>     lives themselves.
> That leaves their unfulfilled lives hanging around, which then get
> attached (or attach themselves, or whatever the process is) to the
> remaining person most like the person they were meant for.

Interesting theory.  But I thought it was explicitly stated in Charmed
Life that 9-lived enchanters happen whenever someone has no analogues.

I would also cite Christopher Chant himself.  Cosimo and Miranda had a
happy marriage, afaict, once they'd moved to Japan; but in their native
England they had a pretty disastrous one!  They were so different, from
such different backgrounds, that the chance of an analogous marriage
taking place and lasting long enough to bear fruit in even one other
world is pretty low.  If 9 lives require _all nine_ analogues to be
conceived but not born, the probability becomes vanishingly small.
(Although maybe in some worlds they conceived Christopher without being
married, and then Miranda had to have an abortion?)

I'm not convinced that one's analogue has to be a genetically identical
individual, though.  I don't think this is ever stated.  I can see that
genetically identical individuals in other worlds of the series will
usually be analogues, but I don't think it has to be the other way

There also seems to be another piece of related worlds magic going on.
Are Gwendolen and Janet genetically identical?  Even if their parents
were, it takes pretty strong magic to ensure that G and J will be
genetically any closer than sisters.  And more magic to ensure that the
analogous offspring will be conceived and born at essentially the same
time.  What happens as regards analogues if a genetically identical
child in another world is born an hour later?  A day later?  A year
later?  If there is such strong magic tying the related worlds together,
why should it not have provided analogues for Roger and Julia?


PS I know it's not the same multiverse, but what about Horgoc "Josh"
Galpetto and Tam Fairbrother?

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