alternate englands: when?

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Mon Feb 7 17:07:30 EST 2005

Dorian explained:

>Aimee said...
>> Of course, just cause in our world (Series 9, was it?)
>No, I'm fairly sure we're series 12.  I remember a bit in LoCC where the
>librarian is bemoaning the loss of a bunch of rare girls' school stories
>from World 12B (which Christopher has stolen and given to the Goddess).  In
>the same context, the author Angela Brazil is mentioned.  So I'm pretty
>certain that World 12B is us.
>(I would get the exact quotes, but the book is currently in a box.)

"It was a long row of fat books by someone called Angela Brazil.  Most of
them had /School/ in the title.  Christopher knew at a glance they were
just right for the Goddess.  He took three and spread the others out.  Each
of them was labelled /Rare Book: Imported from World XIIB/, which made
Christopher hope they might just be valuable enough to pay for Throgmorten
at last."

I have a feeling that Chrestomanci's world is 12A, but whether that's
the-author-told-me information or whether it's in one of the texts I cannot

In any case, she's writing again... something set in that particular world.
Only first draft last I heard, and I am not about to disturb her by asking
about it, because apparently it's behaving like a truck being shunted, stop
again start again clonk bang wallop start again, but in process and on a
track of some kind.  Every time I go and see her she seems to have her hair
on end and full of straw, and a wild creative look in her eye, and I tiptoe
away again.

<massive grin>

(Well, all right, maybe not actual straw, but if there were any in the
house I expect it would be there, and she conveys a strwaw-filled-hair


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