alternate englands: when?

AZS ania at
Mon Feb 7 14:47:44 EST 2005

I am not sure what the fuss is about. I always thought that Janet's world
was ours, and contemporary; the others have the same calendar date (assuming
they count dates in the same way etc), i.e. the same amount of
years/millennia/eons elapsed since the Big Bang, or the Creation, or
whatever you believe the beginning of time to be. However, the alternate
worlds developed at different rates, so they appear out of synch with each
other. If you think about it, the state of technology and social realities
changed very slowly for millennia; it accelerated in the renaissance, then
again during the industrial revolution, then the Victorian period, and
really rushed forward post WWII. But even the last 400 years or so are but a
grain of sand in the 'Deserts of vast eternity'. It would take less than a
century for Chrestomanci's world to catch up technologically with ours, if
we take our rate of technological advancement as the norm. This really is
nothing in the great scheme of things.

Oh, and another alternate England- Thursday Next's 1980s. I was also going
to mention Lyra's world, but someone already did. I suppose what I said
above would apply to these, too. Unless we find out in a future Thursday
Next that it's not 1980s in our world (which is alluded to in one of
thebooks), but another date. Personally, if Ms Next were to travel to our
world, I'd expect her to see shoulder pads, leggings, stripes of blusher and
BIG hair.


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