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> > -- Charmed Life is contemporary, right?
> Surely not - I had it down as Edwardian, with Lives of Christopher Chant 
> Victorian (say the 1880s).

But Janet, whose world is parallel, and a part of the same series, is clearly 
from a contemporary England and comments at some length on the differences in 
the culture and technology. She didn't *time* travel. All of the worlds in 
the same series (series A) are the same age, and the dates would be the same. 
Barring the ones that never adopted the Gregorian calandar, but the worlds are 
still the same actual age, even if the counting is off. The technological and 
social development went off on a different track than in our world, but 1980 is 
still 1980.

I get something of the same sort of reasoning on the Harry Potter lists where 
the fans assume that because the wizarding world appears technologically 
backward and "old-fashioned", it has to be socially backward as well, with the 
whole one-income families and wives firmly kept at home. Completely forgetting 
that witches are people of power and were probably "liberated" in a de facto 
sense before wizarding Seclusion was established in 1692, and liberated by 
statute within a few months after the first time a wizard tried to keep them from 
doing something they wanted to do purely on the basis of being female, after 

Alternate technology is still technology, and aesthetics are not social 
consiousness, however tempting it is to assume that if p=q, then s=t.
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