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Philip's and Aimee's posts have certainly made me think again about this. CL and LCC still feel older to me (after all, typewriters and trains were around in the 19th century, cars in Edwardian times); but now I feel altogether less confident that it makes sense to attribute any particular time period to the Chrestomanci books, since there seems to be no firm landmark by which one could judge - so that 'contemporary', 'Edwardian' and so on lose much of their meaning, at least as a way of dating rather than of noting a stylistic/technological/mores similarity.
The evidence from other worlds (such as ours) I'm not totally convinced by, since there seems no reason why time must always run at the same rate in all the related worlds (cf. Narnia!), so our 20th century may be happening at the same time as their 19th, quite apart from the fact that technologies in a world with magic would almost certainly develop at different rates. (One would expect, I suppose, a magical world to be technologically retarded compared to a magical one, there being other ways available of achieving the same ends.)


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