alternate englands: when?

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Mon Feb 7 05:31:40 EST 2005


>  > -- Charmed Life is contemporary, right?
>Surely not - I had it down as Edwardian, with Lives of Christopher 
>Chant Victorian (say the 1880s). With scare-quotes around both those 
>periods, of course, but just going by general things such as 
>technology, social mores and dress - any or all of which might of 
>course be fundamentally different in Chrestomanci's world.
>Magicians of Caprona I also have down in Edwardian period, but one 
>in which the Renaissance chopping up of Italy by foreign powers 
>never happened (and neither did its unification at the time of 
>Garibaldi). Only Witch Week seems to be definitely contemporary.
>Have I been 'seeing' these books very differently from everyone else?

FWIW I was also surprised to see CL described as contemporary, but 
left it up to someone else to supply the counter argument more 
clearly than I could have managed just then.

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