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> -- Charmed Life is contemporary, right?
Surely not - I had it down as Edwardian, with Lives of Christopher Chant Victorian (say the 1880s). With scare-quotes around both those periods, of course, but just going by general things such as technology, social mores and dress - any or all of which might of course be fundamentally different in Chrestomanci's world.
Magicians of Caprona I also have down in Edwardian period, but one in which the Renaissance chopping up of Italy by foreign powers never happened (and neither did its unification at the time of Garibaldi). Only Witch Week seems to be definitely contemporary.
Have I been 'seeing' these books very differently from everyone else?

> -- Ditto Golden Compass?
I'd say so, yes - with all the caveats above.
I suppose we must add Jonathan Whatsit and Mr Oddly (or whatever it's called - a curiously forgettable title) to this list. Certainly early nineteenth century, to judge by the cast list.


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