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Fri Dec 23 18:49:39 EST 2005

>On Friday, December 23, 2005, at 04:10 PM, Roger Burton West wrote:
>> On Thu, Dec 22, 2005 at 08:56:22AM -0500, deborah.dwj at suberic.net 
>> wrote:
>>> a HERO could walk in one day from Caer Dibdh
>>> to the sea by taking a short cut through Tir n'an og (pronounced
>>> The Many-Coloured Land).
>> If you do use that bit, you might want to link Caer Dibdh for the
>> benefit of people who don't know the relevant geography:
>> http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?G2M?X=318395&Y=176542&A=Y&Z=5

and confused Otter horribly:

>Huh?  What is Caer Dibdh?  It can't be Cardiff, because that seems to
>be on the sea, anyway ...

DWJ is comprehensively mocking the tendency of her own race to
exaggerate their prowess, I suspect, because to walk from Caer Dibdh aka
Cardiff to the sea would take about point-oh-three of a second, which is
how long it would take one to fall into Cardiff Docks in a heroic
manner.  (Depending on the state of the tide, of course: it might take
fractionally longer if you had to struggle through sticky mud to the
actual water.)

Maybe the point could be that it ought to take seven years via Tir n'an
og, that being the usual time to go missing in Faery. Maybe the HERO
being able to escape from Tir n'an og in a mere day is being remarkable
and splendid. But somehow I don't think that was what she was saying.


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