[DWJ] With trepidation...

Charles Butler charlescbutler at btinternet.com
Thu Dec 22 12:47:12 EST 2005

  The only obvious typo was in the paragraph on Chrestomanci: "So far
they six in number." This sentence no verb!
  There are one or two other missing words, but perhaps I won't mention them here - then it can become a wonderful parlour game to spot them...

On the subject of Chrestomanci, you refer to "use of a magical school
setting long before J K Rowling." This comparison is often made, but is
there really a magical school anywhere in the Chrestomanci books? I
mean in the Jill Murphy sense [*], as there is in the Harry Potter books
- there is obviously formal tuition in magic in both Charmed Life and
Lives, and the latter is within a school context. (In Magicians of
Caprona, by contrast, the Montana kids go to school for a regular
education, but learn magic at home.)

I'm not sure whether this really counts as an error of fact, but maybe
the paragraph ought to be re-worded slightly.

I was aware of fudging slightly here - for which I can only plead my 1,500 word limit. But of course, you're quite correct: if any kind of magical tuition will do, then why not bring in Ursula Le Guin too? Or T.H. White? On the other hand, I think Lives comes pretty close to covering the case, in the school section with Oneir and Co.

Oh yes. I can't check until I get home, but I thought "A Sudden Wild
Magic" was published in 1992, not 1996. I'm pretty certain my brother
had his Avonova paperback of this before 1996, anyway. Was 1996 the
first UK edition, or something?
  You're quite right - and thanks, I hadn't spotted that one. It was first published by Morrow in the US in 1992. I've added it to my growing list of errors.

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