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Thu Dec 22 08:56:22 EST 2005

So the list is pretty quiet right now, and as I'm revamping the
website, I realised I'd love more great quotations for the
quotes page.  I was wondering if those of you who aren't
completely swamped with holidays and end of the year plans would
come up with some favorite quotations and send them to the list.
I could add them to the quotation generator (so it would make me
happy!), but they also might spark some fun discussions.

Personally, I've always been a big fan of the Tough Guide's
pan-celtic tours:

PanCelts are frequently red-haired.  They wear plaids and have
NAMES you must consult the glossary in order to pronounce.  By
the Rules (pronounced GEAS) which govern them, they have to call
ELVES Shee (pronounced Sidhe) and refer to the ENEMY as Shadow.
Otherwise they are nice people who drink a lot of the water of
life (pronounced Uisce) and love to tell you LEGENDS by
firelight.  They also fight a lot and rather well, since both
men and women train hard from the age of ten.  But there is no
such thing as an ordinary PanCelt.  Each of them is either a
MAGIC USER or a BARD or a Druid (pronounced like a sneeze), or
sometimes all three (in which case you pronounce it Merlin).
They are governed by strong and beautiful QUEENS called things
like Maebdh Aeiolaien (pronounced Mad Eileen) or strong and
serious KINGS called, for instance, Daibhaeaidhaibh MacAeraith
(pronounced Dave Mate), and they appear to worship the Welsh Bard
Taliesin.  It is in this Bard's hounour that they all sing so
much, even more that the Shee/Elves do.  And, like the Elves,
they are prone to go on about how very much better things were in
the Old Days, when a HERO could walk in one day from Caer Dibdh
to the sea by taking a short cut through Tir n'an og (pronounced
The Many-Coloured Land).

 		-- Tough Guide to Fantasyland, "PanCelts"

But maybe the tough guide is cheating.  :)

"Buffy, duck."
"What duck?  There's a duck?"

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