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Mon Dec 12 08:57:01 EST 2005

On Mon, 12 Dec 2005, Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:
|Two weeks ago, I contacted a literary agency to inquire about purchasing
|translation rights for "Archer's Goon".

*gets excited*

|I knew the street I was living on was due for some maintenance work, but I
|didn't expect the entire street to be dug up and reduced to a dirt path, so
|that we wouldn't be able to park on our street until further notice
|(probably sometime in February). Nor did anyone warn me that the path to our
|house (and not any other house on the street) would be replaced with an open
|ditch, indefinitely. Currently, a big yellow bulldozer is tearing out our
|fence and bits of our front yard, including a little cypress tree I was
|rather fond of. We've also been informed that our water supply will be
|turned off tomorrow. I've just spent 20 minutes shuttling between automatic
|answering services at the town hall, trying to find an actual person who
|might answer me and explain a little of what's going on.
|Okay, okay! I *WON'T* buy the rights to "Archer's Goon"! Sheesh!

*falls over laughing*

The main character is a misogynistic, hermaphroditic,
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