[DWJ] Gili Bar-Hillel interviewed in Israeli paper

estairm at yahoo.com estairm at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 11 11:52:47 EST 2005


With my heart in my mouth I searched the living room,
certain that  the section was in the garbage, or
perhaps covered with chicken gravy or jam. 
However.....(the suspense mounts).... I found the
section in perfectly good shape!  I'll try to send it
out to you, along with a companion article about the
loneliness of Harry Potter....

Bear in mind that I have a child with a knee operation
this week, as well as ... well, never mind, just don't
expect it in the mailbox immediately...

Your fan, 
Esther (aka Lisa) Maclin
P.S.  I have a Gili, too, only he is a 14-year-old
boy, whose full name is Gilon...

--- Gili Bar-Hillel <gbhillel at netvision.net.il> wrote:

> Thanks Esther!
> Would you believe I haven't been able to get a copy?
> The newsagents hereabouts, and also in Ra'anana
> where my in-laws live, don't
> carry "Makor Rishon". The interviewer promised they
> would send me a copy,
> but nothing so far...
> Gili

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