Re: Which DWJ character are you?

liril at liril at
Wed Aug 31 03:39:57 EDT 2005

How about adding that question to the introductions?


I used to get Maewen, and was - after reading CoT - also a bit surprised.
But after giving it some consideration I do not think it's unfitting. With
slightly different, but "also true" answers I got Tacroy, too. As it was
some time ago, I shall try again now. (I thought I'd might get Gair or
Tonio, but the fact that I'm a single child might have prevented that...)

Btw I had trouble answering for Chrestomanci - I ended up getting Cat and /
or Christopher from LoCC. Getting Cat really surprised me - it seems to me 
that stories told from his perceptive hide parts of him, and tend to deceive
me about him, too.

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