Which DWJ character are you?

Kyla Tornheim kyla at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Tue Aug 30 13:50:05 EDT 2005

It kept making me be Grundo. I don't want to be Grundo, although maybe I
should read The Merlin Conspiracy again. But then I was literal and honest
and said that I don't do magic at all, and then I was Catriona, which is

Also, a science fiction discussion list I'm on is just now discussing
Lives of Christopher Chant, and I am on tenterhooks, TENTERHOOKS I tell
you, worrying that someone(s) is going to be all "oh, no, I hated this
book," and I will be too biased to be rational.

Also number two, I just reread all of DWJ's answers to questions on the
web site, and my god but I never ever want to read another question like
"hi i love you're books their great when will you write another
crestomancy book hes my favorite and where do you get your ideas." I mean,
"what are you working on now?" and "what inspires you or gets you started
on a book" are fine, but especially when DWJ has said, repeatedly, that
she doesn't "decide" to write a book, it just happens, it seems
exceedingly rude to think that you're her number one fan and yet you
haven't paid attention to anything, and you're demanding another type of
book when there's thirty out there you haven't read yet.

Oy. Maybe if I eat some lunch my thinking will be less fuzzy.

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

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