Which DWJ character are you?

Juliette Curtis juliette at harvestroad.com
Tue Aug 30 00:06:27 EDT 2005

I have done this quiz several times and it always tells me that I am 
like Tacroy in LOCC. I deliberately choose different answers, although 
they are always true in a way, and the quiz keeps telling me that I am 
like Tacroy. This is deeply disturbing. It would never have occurred to 
me to compare myself with Tacroy but I have to acknowledge that I am 
very like him. (I won't say how I am like him -- it would make me sound 
neurotic and I'm not really.)  The comparison has given me some new and 
profound insights into my own insecurities and their origins. Very very 
Has anybody else had the same experience with this quiz?
Or does everybody else resemble Tacroy too  ;-)

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