Castle in the Air (was Homeward Bounders (was fire and hemlock people))

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Thu Aug 25 08:04:14 EDT 2005

On Wed, 24 Aug 2005 minnow at wrote:

> Colin Fine wrote:
> >Ven wrote:
> >> For a while after I got it CitA was a big
> >> favourite of mine, read and reread but I also
> >> don't care for it very much at the moment.
> >After I last reread HMC (probably 3 or 4 years ago) I went on to reread
> >CitA and I could not get beyond a couple of pages. I just didn't want to
> >read any further.
> Have you any idea why?  I've tried on and off to work out what it is about
> that book that doesn't catch me -- if that makes sense -- and I can't ever
> pin it down, so I'd welcome suggestions.
> Minnow

Isn't CitA very, well, slight?  I have to say that I think it's the
slightest of DWJ's books, or at least her books for not incredibly young
children.  It feels quite flimsy and like there isn't much there.  It's a
fun read, and it definitely works for me as a fun read when that's what I
want, but if I want anything more complicated than that, it's definitely
not the book I would pick.

Of course, it may well be the case that the rest of y'all are having more
complicated problems with it, but that would be my suggestion ;-).


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