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Mon Aug 22 08:26:47 EDT 2005

Paul wrote:

>I am reminded: When 'Conrad's Fate' came out, DWJ did an interview for
>BBC Radio, which was promoted with the line "Diana tells [the
>interviewer] why she waited 17 years to write the latest instalment of
>her Chrestomanci series."
>Anyone who heard the interview, why *did* Diana wait 17 year to write
>the latest instalment of her Chrestomanci series?

I didn't hear the interview (or if I did I have forgotten which one it was)
but the simple answer might be "because the idea for another book in which
a Chrestomanci played a bit-part and was a useful person to help sort out
the ending didn't come along".  If a story that involved a Chrestomanci
didn't happen to present itself, then she would write the story that *did*
happen to present itself.  There was a fourteen year gap between Dalemark
books (1979, 1993), but interviewers don't ask her about the reason for
that, probably because the only thing they know about her is
"Chrestomanci", whom they think is a character like Harry Potter who has
rote adventures and could be written to order with no particular thought
involved, rather than being the title given to someone who holds a
particular government post.  The Chrestomanci in *Conrad's Fate* isn't
Christopher Chant, it's Gabriel de Witt, and I would put large sums on that
not being something the interviewer knew!

I have doubts whether all the books in which a Chrestomanci occurs ought to
be called a series anyhow, and I am severely pissed off about any one of
them being refered to as an "installment", because they are individual
books that happen to have a few characters who recur in them.  It seems to
me somewhat like a publishers' attempt to cash in on the Harry Potter



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