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minnow at minnow at
Sun Aug 21 13:55:46 EDT 2005

Ven wrote:

>Allison enquired:
>>And what is this "The Pinhoe Egg" ?  Her next
>book ?  *trembles with
>Minnow replied
><A new Chrestomanci.>
>So, The Pinhoe Egg:
>The egg from or found at Pinhoe
>The egg belonging to a person, a family, or an
>organisation called Pinhoe
>The egg made by Pinhoe, a la Faberge
>The egg, painted, chocolate, sugar or otherwise
>with which one celebrates Pinhoe
>The egg laid by The Pinhoe
>Is this something we can be told or must wait to
>find out. Inquiring minds have insatiable

One of the features in this book is a family
called Pinhoe (as is made clear in the first page,
so that's not exactly a spoiler).

>Wait a minute ................. I spy a near
>anagram.......... but I ain't saying nowt.

nor am I, much.  It wouldn't be fair.


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