fire and hemlock people

Anna Zofia Skarzynska ania at
Sat Aug 20 15:24:58 EDT 2005

I like F&H more than AG. Probably because of the more mythic flavour- I like
it when old stuff is mixed in with the new and it makes me feel clever when
I get the obscure references. This is also probably why I like Neil Gaiman's
work, although (as has, I recall, been discussed) he can be a little too
clever- I thought that Stardust was verging on the edge of smug, with the
neatly tied up loose ends and all that.

My favourite DWJs are the same as Dorian's. F&H was the favourite, but was
superseded by Deep Secret. TotG was my first DWJ and remains for me the
quintessential one (remember the questionnaire I once compiled?).

I could never understand what's supposed to be so wonderful about HMC. I
thought that perhaps it would improve on rereading (or rather, I'd get to
like/appreciate it more) but it/I did not. I found Sophie irritating and
grumpy and felt sorry for Howl for ending up with her (and not because I
wanted him for myself, either!). Perhaps it was her unnatural obsession with
tidiness. Ugh.


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