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Fri Aug 19 16:52:11 EDT 2005

Deborah wondered...

> Some thoughts I've recently had, prompted by a comment to the effect of
> 'there are Fire and Hemlock people and Archer's Goon people, and never
> the twain shall meet'.  Or more, nobody has both of those as favorite
> books.  (Is this true in our readership?)

Hm.  I wouldn't say "Archer's Goon" is one of my top favourites, but it 
definitely ranks in my "second favourites".  (F&H being one of the top 
favourites.)  To me, AG is very light; it's a fun book, but for me that's 
> Additionally, a friend recently told me she hasn't liked the
> Chrestomanci books she's read that much but she's adored Homeward
> Bounders and Power of Three, which led me to say she prefers mythic over
> silly and caused me to switch my 'read next' reccomendation from Howl's
> Moving Castle to Eight Days of Luke.

Hm.  There may be something in that.  Or then again, maybe not.  My top 
favourite DWJs are F&H, "Deep Secret", and "The Time of the Ghost".  The 
first and last would qualify in the "mythic" idea, but I'm not sure that 
"Deep Secret" does - I love that one mainly for what she does with and to 
the con in it, along with Nick's twisting of real-world places into his 

F&H I love for many reasons, the main ones being the fact that it's a Tam 
Lin story, and the fact that it makes me think and think again, every time I 
read it.  "The Time of the Ghost" I love for the mythic resonances and the 
sacrifice theme.
> But then I wondered if that's true.  One of the things I adore about
> Howl's Moving Castle is the archetypal play, which is also present in
> Archer's Goon. In fact, Archer's Goon could be seen as Homeward Bounders
> from a slightly different angle.  (Those three books, along with Power
> of Three, comprise the DWJ I've ever described as 'my favorite'.)

HMC, AG, and PoT are all in my "second favourites" list.  HB is one that has 
never quite managed to grab me the way others do, and I'm not quite sure 
why, because it does contain many elements I love.  It just doesn't quite 
work for me, for some reason.


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