The Pinhoe Egg was Re: Good day for authors

Ven vendersleighc at
Fri Aug 19 13:23:14 EDT 2005

Allison enquired:

>And what is this "The Pinhoe Egg" ?  Her next 
book ?  *trembles with

Minnow replied

<A new Chrestomanci.>

So, The Pinhoe Egg:

The egg from or found at Pinhoe

The egg belonging to a person, a family, or an
organisation called Pinhoe

The egg made by Pinhoe, a la Faberge

The egg, painted, chocolate, sugar or otherwise
with which one celebrates Pinhoe

The egg laid by The Pinhoe

Is this something we can be told or must wait to
find out. Inquiring minds have insatiable

Wait a minute ................. I spy a near
anagram.......... but I ain't saying nowt.


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