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> agree that it wouldn't do just to pull someone off the street at the last 
> minute. The Frazerian thing about 'Temporary Kings' means that they have 
> really to *be* kings - of a kind, anyway - or their sacrifice won't be acceptable. 
> (Or, to translate it back into fairy terms, the devil's going to be a bit 
> miffed if he gets the soul down to hell and then discovers he's been given a 
> non-fairy.) So it has to be someone in that kind of liminal position - of, but 
> not of, that world. Relationship by marriage/sex, but not blood, is a pretty 
> good approximation to that.
> I still don't quite get Ann's role in all this, mind.

The fairy/non-fairy thing may have something to do with why Laurel preys on 
musicians who traditionally are asssumed to be better able to cross boundaries 
than most humans. Both races have music.

As to Ann; was it her mother who was a Leroy? I seem to recall it was. Ann, 
like Polly is a descendent of one or other of the past Leroy termporary 
marriages. One of Morton's most likely, since her mother still had the name. (Or so 
it's described.) 

Consequently, she is a potential source of suitable sacrifices.
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