Next DWJ book?

hannibal at hannibal at
Thu Aug 18 03:17:06 EDT 2005

> Anyone who heard the interview, why *did* Diana wait 17 year to write
> the latest instalment of her Chrestomanci series?

It wasn't anything too exciting, IIRC (no numerological significance in the number 17, or anything) - just that she'd been busy doing other things, including writing books for adults. I suspect that there was a slight sense, amongst people who don't follow DWJ's movements with the minute attention accorded them here, that she'd sort of 'gone into retirement' for all that time, and was only now emerging with a new book. And she of course wished to point out that it was not so.

That's my rather vague memory of it, anyway, but I'm happy to be corrected.


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