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Wed Aug 17 10:39:50 EDT 2005

Bettina wrote regarding my fumbling attempts at a definition for "squoily":

>I'm impressed.
>It might be that reading about a new Chrestomanci novel I was squoily

As I understood it, one can't know that of oneself; it is an observed
phenomenon.  (All bets are off when it comes to hedgehogs, who are by their
nature inexplicable and Other and seem to make a habit of confounding
researchers, whether deliberately or not.)

>PS: I gather the English language has *more* words than German, so I shan't
>even try to look for the "translation" :-)

I was thinking of words made by adding more words to them, which English
tends not to do but German can?

Be aware that this is not an "official" English word and won't be found in
dictionaries.  "Grok" is similarly unofficial, and dates from about the
same time, but since it wasn't as far as I know used by Heinlein "squoily"
hasn't been as widely adopted nor frequently misunderstood as "grok" has.


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