Tough Guide to Fantasyland

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Thu Aug 4 14:00:16 EDT 2005

Hunter wrote:

>Does anyone know if the text in different editions of The Tough Guide to
>Fantasyland is different at all? I noticed a new edition was printed in
>February, and I'm wondering, if other than the cover, and page layout, it
>contains anything different from previous editions.

Yes.  The map in the original editions (hardback and paperback of the
usual shape for books, as opposed to the squat new one) is a rather fine
thing and a complicated joke; the one that has been added for the new
edition has completely missed the point of the original, changed large
portions of it, and rendered it futile.

So if you count the map as part of the text, it's not worth getting the
new edition, because the new edition is not as DWJ planned it nor as it
was originally written, and the names are altered and wrong.

Other than that I think it is much as it was.  I'm away from home and
can't do the quick comparison, and I honestly can't remember whether the
symbols down the edges of the text have been changed or simply left out.
The map was enough to make me have a very poor opinion of the new one,
without any other considerations.


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