RE: Re:  Laurel's hunting ground -- major spoilers for F&H.

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Thu Aug 4 03:20:28 EDT 2005


> The tithe *ought* to be a blood family member, I suspect, but Laurel as we 
> all know is sneaky, so she's using married-in family members so she doesn't 
> have to sacrifice her "real" family.

I agree that it wouldn't do just to pull someone off the street at the last minute. The Frazerian thing about 'Temporary Kings' means that they have really to *be* kings - of a kind, anyway - or their sacrifice won't be acceptable. (Or, to translate it back into fairy terms, the devil's going to be a bit miffed if he gets the soul down to hell and then discovers he's been given a non-fairy.) So it has to be someone in that kind of liminal position - of, but not of, that world. Relationship by marriage/sex, but not blood, is a pretty good approximation to that.

I still don't quite get Ann's role in all this, mind.


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