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Anna Zofia Skarzynska ania at gnomic.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Aug 3 02:43:42 EDT 2005

> Where does Laurel find her victims? Is it possible that she hunts only
> within her own family, including lovers and family-by-marriage? If so,
> what does this say about Sebastian's motives and Polly's fate?
> Laurel and Morton "pay a tithe to hell" in return for their immortality.
> It's a sacrifice, and it's private family business. I suggest that the
> victim has to be one of the family -- the tithe sacrified by the family
> -- and that random strangers are not as valuable to the family and are
> therefore not eligible for the tithe. Laurel says some victims have
> stronger lives than others -- some are more valuable than others.

I was under the impression that the whole point was to get an outsider; the
real family members may be more valuable, but this is precisely why they
must be protected and a surrogate found (just like in Tam Lin). This
surrogate could then be the Sacrifice, fulfilling a dual role- satisfying
Hell and giving Laurel another dose of immortality on one hand and
protecting the real family on the other.

> Seb told Polly that Morton Leroy had been married to Laurel before he
> married Seb's mother. Then, after the death of Seb's mother, Morton
> married Laurel again. Presumably Seb's mother was Laurel's previous
> victim, and it was her funeral that Polly and Nina gatecrashed. People
> sometimes do remarry the same people after a divorce -- I have an aunt
> and uncle who did so -- but it's unusual. Do Laurel and Morton have a
> policy of marrying/seducing other people in order to draw them into the
> family and make them eligible for the tithe? The victims (or potential
> victims) we know of are Tom Lynn, Thomas Piper, Leslie, Sebastian,
> Morton, Polly's grandfather, and Sebastian's mother. All except Thomas
> Piper and Polly's grandfather are known to be tied by love or marriage
> to the LeRoy family, and it's just not specified one way or the other
> about those two. I think the evidence is pretty strong.

They are tied/connected to the LeRoys, but NOT by blood. They are kith, not
kin. I think you're right in saying that marrying the victims is just a
means of controlling them and keeping them conveniently close for when their
turn comes. I don't think it matters that they are a (non-blood related)
part of the family.


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