Laurel's hunting ground -- major spoilers for F&H.

Juliette Curtis juliette at
Tue Aug 2 22:15:47 EDT 2005

Where does Laurel find her victims? Is it possible that she hunts only 
within her own family, including lovers and family-by-marriage? If so, 
what does this say about Sebastian's motives and Polly's fate?

Laurel and Morton "pay a tithe to hell" in return for their immortality. 
It's a sacrifice, and it's private family business. I suggest that the 
victim has to be one of the family -- the tithe sacrified by the family 
-- and that random strangers are not as valuable to the family and are 
therefore not eligible for the tithe. Laurel says some victims have 
stronger lives than others -- some are more valuable than others.

Seb told Polly that Morton Leroy had been married to Laurel before he 
married Seb's mother. Then, after the death of Seb's mother, Morton 
married Laurel again. Presumably Seb's mother was Laurel's previous 
victim, and it was her funeral that Polly and Nina gatecrashed. People 
sometimes do remarry the same people after a divorce -- I have an aunt 
and uncle who did so -- but it's unusual. Do Laurel and Morton have a 
policy of marrying/seducing other people in order to draw them into the 
family and make them eligible for the tithe? The victims (or potential 
victims) we know of are Tom Lynn, Thomas Piper, Leslie, Sebastian, 
Morton, Polly's grandfather, and Sebastian's mother. All except Thomas 
Piper and Polly's grandfather are known to be tied by love or marriage 
to the LeRoy family, and it's just not specified one way or the other 
about those two. I think the evidence is pretty strong.

And what about Polly and Seb? Seb wanted to marry Polly -- he wanted to 
be "sure of her" before she had a chance to meet other men at college. 
He doesn't behave as though he loves her. He just wants to get hold  of 
her, to own her, to draw her into the family, and his father tells him 
that he's clever for doing it. Polly is already distantly related to the 
LeRoy's because she is a granddaughter of a previous victim. Now Seb is 
trying to pull her away from Tom, but is there also something more 
sinister going on? Will she be the next female victim -- the next 
payment for Laure's life? The next female sacrifice is not due for 
another 72 years, but suppose Polly were to acquire a certain amount of 
immortality by joining the Leroy family? She would still be in the 
family next time the sacrifice is due and her strength of purpose would 
make her a very valuable sacrifie......


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