female Chrestomanci, plus Dwight-toiletry

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Wed Apr 27 18:23:08 EDT 2005

Verity wrote:

>Chrestomanci's world doesn't seem to have experienced feminism
>(cue Janet and her exasperation with Gwendolen's clothes).
>If there was a female Chrestomanci, the castle staff probably
>hid the fact, as they hid Clistoffer's first stint in the post.
>Though if one had used the Name and a woman appeared, it would
>rather give away the game...
>I'm thinking there probably wasn't one.

Since that seems to be what DWJ thinks herself, as Bettina noticed from a
Q&A session somewhere, you might just be right at that.

>If the Grauniad Q&A session had happened (DWJ was sick), I was
>going to ask about the animal needs of the Dright. Where do his
>bodily wastes go, what about baths and toilet, that sort of thing?

DWJ, when asked this, says he baths by stripping off when he happens to
feel like it and having minions give him impromptu showers using quantities
and quantities of hot water carried laboriously to wherever he happens to
be at the time, soaping him and rubbing him with unguents; for the
expulsion of liquid wastes, he piddles on whoever has most recently
displeased him, and they have to pretend to be flattered; and he teleports
solid waste from his lower bowel directly to the latrines -- and where
those are she doesn't know nor does she wish to know and what sort of
question is that to ask a respectable lady author of an evening and cause
her to put the cat off her lap for *anyway*?

She also had an acute attack of the gigglies and said "how convenient it
would be if one could do that in real life".  She was in high good humour,
so I think the second draft of the new book must be going well.

So now you know.


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