so. behind.

deborah.dwj at deborah.dwj at
Mon Apr 25 09:52:42 EDT 2005

so in my mailbox of 300 messages yet to deal with, I decided to focus on
y'all, and did a zoom of messages to the list that I have to do
something with.  Note this is just messages addressed to the list -- not
e-mail messages list members sent me privately.  Plus I dealt with a few
of them already this morning before I decided to do a count.

Fifty-five messages.


I completely suck.  If over the next couple of days, you receive a
response from me about something that you sent about 11 months ago, just
nod and smile.

This is St. Gulik. He is the Messenger of the Goddess. A different age from
ours called him Hermes. Many people called him by many names. He is a

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