lefthandedness for Charlie (refers to a thread called "Muggles")

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Fri Apr 22 12:04:55 EDT 2005

On Tue, May 13, 2003 at 02:39:24PM +0100, Charles Butler wrote:
>On the other hand, as a left-hander (like DWJ - and there's your obDWJ!) I'm
>please to see a non-handist word for clumsiness being introduced. It's bad
>enough that the flex comes out the wrong side of the electric iron without
>having to put up with maladroit, ambidextrous, sinister and suchlike terms
>of oppression.

I remembered Charlie's plaint when I came across another term of oppression
in the course of my researches.

To add to the South-Paws' disgruntlement, in 1425 or thenabouts
"lift-honded" seems to have meant (a) left-handed, and (b) maimed.  And to
make it worse, this comes from "lift-honde", which means (a) maimed, (b)
impenitent, incorrigible.

Not just clumsy: maimed and incorrigible.  *sigh*  Let's don't tell DWJ.

(fish don't have hands, which makes going through the Middle English
Dictionary headword by headword a bit difficult)


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