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On Thu, 14 Apr 2005 22:41:23 -0500, Ian Riddell wrote:

>Not sure if you're a reader of blogs, but thought you (and others -
>since we've discussed some of this on the list, I seem to remember)
>might find this interesting:

Fascinating that I finally got around to reading this on the same day I just
discussed the same topic with another Mormon woman.  (I am so behind in
reading everything.)

This is a volatile topic for a lot of women for most of the reasons the
poster suggests--in fact, she lays out a very good explanation of the
problems with a patriarchal/hierarchical structure.  I tend to differ from
her because I see the basic structure very differently; she's right about
women not having a lot of visible power past the local level, but most of
what is done by the LDS church happens on that local level, and a desire for
positional power strikes me as potentially pharisaical.  But again, it comes
down to the kind of local congregation you belong to.  I'm an outspoken
feminist (as far as Mormons go, this means a willingness to speak out on
doctrinal subjects and suggest that male Church leaders may not always be
right) and they've just put me in charge of molding the teenage girls of the
ward, mwahahahaha.

It's never bothered me, mainly because I never had anyone tell me I was
inferior because I was female--not in any context.  So you have to assume
that priesthood ordination is a de facto sign of superiority, and from my
experience, it really isn't (except to certain people who already think men
are better than women).  According to our church doctrine, women have access
to any number of spiritual gifts, including healing, receiving revelation,
speaking with tongues, and a lot of really spectacular things that don't
seem to be exercised much these days.

Tarja, boys in the Mormon church can be ordained to the priesthood at age
twelve, but it doesn't mean the same thing it means in other churches.
Young men ages 12 to 18 hold "lesser" priesthood offices that don't have the
authority to do a lot of the things that older men do; they can pass
communion to the congregation, assist in blessing others, a few other
things.  In practice it amounts to preparing them for the greater
responsibilities of an adult priesthood holder.

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It was fuchsia for me.  Does that count as screwed up?

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