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Tue Apr 19 00:32:37 EDT 2005

It looks like we'd best do more than one North American get-together.

here's what we have:

able to travel:

-- 1 lives in Massachusetts and is willing to go anywhere (that's me; I
figure, I went to England for the Buffy finale, so nu?)

-- 1 lives in New York and is willing to go anywhere with a preference
for the Northeast.

-- 1 lives in Los Angeles and is willing to travel within reason.

-- 2 Northeast corridor, with the slight possibility of traveling

unable to travel:

-- 1 lives in Pennsylvania and I'm not sure how far will travel

-- 1 would be willing to go anywhere in Illinois,
Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, St. Louis

-- 1 who will put people up in the Netherlands, which is unfortunately
irrelevant for me, and yet interesting.  And if you're planning on
traveling to Europe this summer and want to see the movie with people,
useful information!

-- 1 Florida, or Massachusetts if it's in mid-June.

-- 2 Massachusetts

-- 1 Connecticut or New York City, or maybe further, depending on the

-- 1 Maine

-- 1 Washington state

-- 1 New York City

-- 1 Utah, Portland, or Seattle

Here's my analysis of these numbers.  There's definitely enough people
for a Massachusetts/New York get-together.  A few of the Massachusetts
in New York people weren't able to travel at all (and y'all sent these
e-mails before they shut down the northeast corridor acela), so people
want to, we could do two or three-person get-togethers in each city.
I'll definitely join in on one of these.

People outside the Northeast are more scattered.  Despite the plethora of
North Easterners with whom I'm looking forward to watching the movie,
I'd still happily take the excuse to travel across the country to meet
some more of you.  (Mortgage shmortgage.  The nice thing about only having
a part time job is lots of free time!  Maybe I sell the cats for plane
fare.)  Seattle looks handiest for the largest number of people, I
think.  Though I have to admit I was looking forward to the excuse to go
to Colorado or Utah, where I've never been.

note that the movie opens June 10, which is a Friday.  We could
probably try for the weekends of June 10 or June 17, if either one
worked for people.

What does it matter whether we hang,
If we've learned a little wisdom?	-- _Jade_, Sally Watson

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