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Robyn wrote:
Hoping the list collective knowledge can help me out again.
Because I lived in Australia for so long, everyone assumes I know about
Australian authors. In order to maintain my reputation untarnished, I am
hoping someone - Anita? SallyO? - can tell me something about Kate Forsyth.
I understand she writes fantasy, and I think it is YA or children's books.
Does anyone know anything about her? Have you read her books? Are they any
good? (Apparently she likes dwj.)
I just need a general idea to help out a colleague who is organising a
conference. Any comments would be appreciated.


Robyn - I've read Kate Forsyth's fantasy series that was published in the US
as adult books.  It starts with The Witches of Eileanan and proceeds from
there.  The books are set on a world to which witches and wizards from
Scotland traveled via space ship; they colonized and set up kingdoms.  The
first book especially has a fair amount of Scottish dialect in the
characters' speech.  FWIW, these are not YA or children's books.  Just good
old-fashioned fantasy.  I enjoyed them a lot.


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