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Mon Apr 18 05:40:51 EDT 2005

This may not be very useful either, but Kate Forsyth's book "The Starthorn 
Tree" was shortlisted for the "One Book, One Brisbane" competition, where a 
book is chosen that everyone in Brisbane is supposed to read. I'm not sure 
what the criteria for shortlisting is but I guess the organisers thought it 
was likeable! I didn't think it sounded that great, but as Ros says, that 
may be the dodgy cover and blurb, so am in a queue for it at the library.


At 12:59 PM 18/04/2005, Roslyn wrote:

>I haven't actually read anything by her, Robyn, so this is probably not 
>much use to you, but FWIW: when I've seen her books in the bookshops, 
>they've always appeared like rather lacklustre generic fantasy to me (by 
>their covers and blurb) so I've tended to avoid them. But I know that you 
>can't always tell a book by its cover, so, though no-one has ever actually 
>recommended Forsyth to me, I have to admit that I really don't know. After 
>all, a number of books I've come to love look like like lukewarm generic 
>fantasy by their covers. Anyway....FWIW.
>>Hoping the list collective knowledge can help me out again.
>>Because I lived in Australia for so long, everyone assumes I know about 
>>Australian authors. In order to maintain my reputation untarnished, I am 
>>hoping someone - Anita? SallyO? - can tell me something about Kate 
>>Forsyth. I understand she writes fantasy, and I think it is YA or 
>>children's books. Does anyone know anything about her? Have you read her 
>>books? Are they any good? (Apparently she likes dwj.)
>>I just need a general idea to help out a colleague who is organising a 
>>conference. Any comments would be appreciated.
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