DWJ F&H heroic ideal essay

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Thanks for all the information Deborah!  You are a wealth of information!!!  
I will check the websites you listed.  I do have Diana Wynne Jones: An 
Exciting and Exacting Wisdom.


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>On Tue, 12 Apr 2005, Belben, Philip (Energy Wholesale) wrote:
>|> Does anyone have any other scholarly articles/essays by or about DWJ?
>|> I am
>|> collecting material for my master's thesis which is on four works of
>|> DWJ.  I
>|> already have the Heroic Ideal article - any others would be great!
>|Hi Rene!
>|Have you encountered "Diana Wynne Jones: An Exciting and Exacting
>|Wisdom"?  It's a collection of essays about DWJ.  Someone on this list
>|edited it, I think (Deborah?), and should be able to tell you if it's in
>|print and/or how to obtain a copy.  If it's no longer available, you are
>|welcome to borrow mine.
>I didn't edit it, but both Charlie and I are in it (me with an essay,
>and Charlie with an interview with DWJ).
>Maria Nikolajeva has an article where she talks about DWJ.  Both the
>book and this article have information at
>Let's see what else.  DWJ wrote an article about adult vs. children's
>fiction which I have online (with permission, even).  She also has an
>essay called "The Shape of the Narrative in the Lord of the Rings" which
>is in Everard's Ride.  She's written several book reviews, as well.  The
>information for all of these, and the link to the article about adult
>and children's fiction, are available at
>What else?  I really should add all these to the web page.  In my thesis
>(which is online at http://www.suberic.net/dwj/thesis.txt , but a much
>more professional if shorter version is in the book and I'd recommend
>reading that instead if you read any of it) I list a few things in my
>Rahn, Suzanne. "Vaccine for Future Shock: Diana Wynne Jones", in
>  Rediscoveries in Children's Literature.  New York: Garland, 1995.
>Stephens, John. Language and Ideology in Children's Fiction. New York:
>  Longman, 1992.
>Both of those talk about DWJ.  I think there's a few more.  Do you have
>access to an online database such as Academic Search Premiere?  Because
>you should be able to find a couple more if you can do a search.  If you
>don't have access to a database like that, I'll do the search for you
>and get you a few citations.
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