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Rosemary Hopkins rosieburroughs at
Wed Apr 13 06:50:58 EDT 2005

I had that picture book too, Jennifer - in fact still have it. And So
My Garden Grows, illustrated by Peter Spier with pictures of Italy.

This is the key to the Kingdom:
In that Kingdom is a city,
In that city is a town,
In that town there is a street,
In that street there winds a lane,
In that lane there is a yard,
In that yard there is a house,
In that house there waits a room,
In that room an empty bed,
And on that bed a basket -
A basket of sweet flowers:
Of flowers, of flowers,
A basket of sweet flowers.

Flowers in a basket,
Basket on the bed,
Bed in the chamber,
Chamber in the house,
House in the weedy yard,
Yard in the winding lane,
Lane in the broad street,
Street in the high town,
Town in the city,
City in the Kingdom:
This is the key of the Kingdom.
Of the Kingdom this is the Key.

FWIW, the last two lines of each verse are in italics in my book. I
cannot find any author details, so it may well be traditional.

The last two lines of all have been one of my mental catchphrases since
early childhood. There's something solemnly fascinating about them, or
perhaps it was just the way my mother read them.


--- "Rowland, Jennifer A B" <jennifer.rowland at> wrote:

> There's one that I know from a picture book, so a) I don't know if
> it's traditional or not, (although I think it may be) and b) I can't
> remember it perfectly, as I can many nursery rhymes (I can see the
> pictures of a couple of children running around an Italian-style city
> very well, though!)
> This is the key to the kingdom; of the kingdom this is the key.
> In that kingdom was a city; in that city was a street; in that street
> there was a lane; in that lane a winding road; in that road there
> stood a house; in that house there was a room;
> I think there may have been a garden as well, and I can't remember
> what was in the room! (although I'm sure it wasn't a ghost or other
> scary surprise, it wasn't that kind of picture book.)
> Possibly there was a box, and in that box there was a key.

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